An introduction: I spent many years as a full-time artist and landscape designer. 15 years ago, I  purchased a beautiful block of land with native bush by the coast.
In that time I worked with a good friend whom was a builder, to create a stunning Eco-home to fit into the natural environment. I have accomplished quite a few home makeovers and renovations including landscape and home design.

I can help you with those unfinished projects or even the small repairs or jobs that you just don’t have time to do. I have a vast range of skills and the right tools to get any job  that you need done, efficiently and with the minimum of fuss.

I provide jack-of-all-trades maintenance services. Looking after buildings, assets and grounds, and offer a wide range of services including building maintenance, home renovations, rural maintenance and much more. I welcome  jobs large and small. The Handy Guy is like having your own personal handy-man. I am here to provide a solution for all of your ‘in between’ jobs and I am available to deal with anything from tap washers to leaking roofs,  rotten weatherboards to broken windows, providing quality workmanship on the spot. The Handy Guy is a versatile, prompt and  efficient service, maintaining high standards that ensure my client’s  peace of mind.
- Aran Denford @handyguy.co.nz